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Cryptocurrency trading is to train these five abilities

How to train a special forecast or super short-term talent is very important. The evaluation of futures market is gathered from various aspects, including fundamentals, wave analysis, moving average analysis, k-line charts and combination patterns, important trends, KDJ indicators , MACD indicators, etc., each of which provides operators with an understanding of the market. Each method has a certain range of price fluctuations within a certain period of time, at a certain price support or resistance, and in an important direction. The above has given a certain degree of clarity. The key is that all technical aspects are stacked on a certain level, complement each other, and confirm each other.

(1) Analysis of the fundamentals

The focus is to see whether there are sudden factors that affect the trading day. There are three main aspects: 1. The influence of interest rates; 2. The influence of types of supply and demand; 3. The orientation of the country’s main macro policies;

(2) Analysis of wave position

The most important trend in the trend should be consistent with the main wave in the wave, and the secondary trend should be consistent with the adjustment wave. In the price space, the support level of the moving average system and the adjustment price in the wave tend to diverge. In the combination of weekly candlesticks, the long arrangement should be different from the main rising wave of the wave.

(3) Analysis of moving average arrangement

To evaluate the futures market, it is necessary to check the long-short arrangement of the types of moving averages, and identify the position of the moving average of the price you are analyzing, and then check the long-short arrangement of the outer moving average system, and use the 20-day moving average as the long-short watershed. The trading timing of the timing type.

(4) Analysis of k-line technical form

Check whether it is a reversal pattern or a continuous pattern in the k-line technical graphic combination, and adopt different trading strategies according to different patterns to find time space, price space, up or down space, and direction space.

(5) Analysis of multi-period key positions

Check the important support and resistance price levels of the weekly and daily k-line of the type to be done. The bullish arrangement is mainly to find the support level in the callback. The 5-day line is the most important, and the bearish arrangement is to find the 5-day resistance price in the rebound. 6030 minutes long and short arrangement situation, looking for the most likely opening and clearing point.